Women are seldom able to take part in decisions pertaining to their own lives. They are denied their rights to choice, education, career, health, and mobility. Traditional norms perpetuate discrimination and further restrict their opportunities.

A society that sees girls as an economic burden, considers the son to be the sole heir, and devalues the work women do, perpetuates the cycle of discrimination against women.

What is Mission Hazaar?

How many women are around you right now? In India, there are only 914 girls for every 1000 boys. A normal ratio would be much closer to even. Some of the country’s most economically progressive areas have some of the worst child sex ratios.

Fewer girls in a society means fewer girls in public places. This makes them appear more unsafe, which further reduces the mobility of girls and women.

It’s time to bring attention to the missing girls/women.

With Mission Hazaar we’re making the women around us – in our homes, schools, colleges, market places, streets, and public places – visible. We’re making it our responsibility to respond to the situation.

We believe we have the power to end gender based discrimination; to build communities in which everyone can thrive; and to make public spaces safe for everyone.

More women in the world makes it a better place for women, Let’s recognize their value in the world.