On October 17, 2008 on Breakthrough’s “Bell Bajao” campaign, Actor and activist Boman Irani said, “Domestic violence is across all social and economical classes of the society. It’s like a cancer which our families are infected with. We need to amass courage and confront it as it is a threat to our social identity. We have a powered legislation like the ‘prevention of domestic violence act 2005’ to curb this menace. We should use such laws to prevent domestic violence. Men have an active role to play in order to change attitudes. I am glad to see these students and education institution participating in this campaign. These children are the future India and if they are condemning domestic violence today, I am certain to see an India free from domestic violence. Education institutions need to discuss such issues more often to bring clarity and awareness.”

Click HERE to view the whole media spot on IBN Live.


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