Breakthrough’s multi-media campaign, “Is This Justice?” aims to bring public attention to the stigma and discrimination faced by women living with HIV/AIDS-most of whom have been infected by their husbands or male partners.

The campaign challenges the way in which women in our society are treated, especially women living with HIV/AIDS. These women are either shunned by the family and community or are forced to live on the edge of society after their husbands die of AIDS.

Consider the statistics:

• Nearly 40 percent of the 5.2 million HIV positive people in India are women and nearly 80 percent of them have contracted this infection from their husbands or partners.

• Almost 90 percent of these positive women are thrown out of their homes after their husbands die of AIDS.

• While the general public continues to believe that most women with HIV/AIDS are sex workers, official numbers indicate that they make up less than one percent of the 2 million female infections.

The campaign was created pro bono by advertising agency Ogilvy and Mather in four languages -Hindi, English, Kannada and Marathi. Developed by Piyush Pandey – National Creative Director and Emmanuel Upputuru - Senior Creative Director.

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