Eleven years ago, the release of Mann ke Manjeere ("rhythm of the mind" in Hindi) changed the game in India — and brought Breakthrough into existence. The problem: epidemic domestic violence, considered a "private" matter and hidden behind closed doors. How to bring the problem into public conversation? The answer: pop music. Breakthrough's very first project, the song and video Mann ke Manjeeré (on an album of the same name) sets to powerful imagery and infectious dance music the true story of a woman (played by actress Mita Vasisht) who leaves an abusive marriage and becomes a truck driver to support herself and her daughter.

Industry leaders had told Breakthrough founder (now president and CEO) Mallika Dutt that even if she could get the project off the ground, it would never fly: no one would buy the album, no one would want to talk about such things. But sure enough: the song and album swept the charts; the video swept global awards. And Breakthrough was born: committed to using the power of art and pop culture to make human rights real and relevant to all.

Featuring five songs by India's renowned Shubha Mudgal, and lyrics by Prasoon Joshi, Mann ke Manjeeré combines the best musical elements of contemporary and classical Indian forms. We know you'll find the story of and in the video inspiring — and that you'll be humming the tune for the rest of the day. (Please share the video as well! Eleven years later, it still holds up.)


Director: Sujit Sircar and Gary, Red Ice Films
Actress: Mita Vashisht
Voice: Shubha Mudgal
Composer: Shantanu Moitra
Lyrics: Prasoon Joshi
Album: Mann ke Manjeeré
Label: EMI : Virgin

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  • Anita129_81_RA


    Anita, was shattered when she found out that she was HIV+. Her husband, also HIV+ passed away, and even though it seemed like the end, Breakthrough showed her there was good to come.

  • shubha129x81

    The making of our cult classic “Mann ke Manjeeré”

    The Making of Mann ke Manjeeré documents the idea behind the hit album that raises awareness about women’s human rights violations through music.

  • MannkeManjeere_media_129x81

    Mann ke Manjeeré (French)

    Breakthrough’s first campaign all started with a music video Mann ke Manjeeré: a fearless woman (actress Mita Vasisht) leaves an abusive marriage and works as a truck driver to support and empower her daughter and herself.


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