When some of us are denied our human rights, it puts the freedoms of all of us at risk. The Restore Fairness campaign (www.restorefairness.org) uses compelling video documentaries along with a timely blog to draw attention to the ways in which immigration policy and laws in the United States affect the everyday lives of people, often denying them basic American values of fairness and due process. Our documentaries, produced in partnership with civil society and human rights groups, tell the stories of men and women whose human rights have been violated - who have been humiliated as a result of their racial or ethnic background, inhumanely detained, suffered pain and abuse, and separated from their families and loved ones.

Take the case of Juana, for example, who was forced to give birth while shackled by immigration enforcement. Or of 18 year old Karwan, who was stripped in broad daylight by police, simply for being in the "wrong" neighborhood at the wrong time. Through these videos, we hope to inspire you to stand up for immigrant rights and racial justice and create a culture where we can all live with fairness, equality, and dignity.

With your help, we can mobilize members of organizations, groups and individuals to demand that our government uphold the human rights of all people. We need you watch our videos and share them with your networks. Together, we can stand up for American values of due process and fairness.

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  • media_restorert_juana_129x81

    Juana Villegas: A pregnant immigrant woman detained

    Juana Villegas was nine months pregnant when she was stopped for careless driving, taken from her children, and then detained in jail where she remained shackled while giving birth.

  • war

    Mallika Dutt: The “war on women” is bigger than you think

    As the Supreme Court considers key elements of Arizona’s SB 1070 law, which legalizes racial profiling of and blatant discrimination against immigrant communities and people of color, stories from around the country show that this and other laws like it, such as Alabama’s H.B. 56. are causing intense damage to families, communities and economies, with […]

  • mansimran

    Mansimran: How a Sikh teen deals with bullying

    Meet Mansimran. He’s an all-American guy who likes Starbucks, hoops, and robotics. He’s a student, an older brother, and an active member of his Sikh religious community. Sometimes, when strangers see his turban, and the color of his skin, they lean out their car window and call him a “terrorist.” He’s not alone: especially since […]


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