As the U.D.H.R. states, everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion. Breakthrough has created several media pieces to uphold these beliefs: albums Haman Hain Ishq album and Junoon for Peace.

Haman Hain Ishq music album a co-production of Breakthrough and CMAC, is a culmination of an art-music project featuring internationally renowned artist Haku Shah and Indipop sensation Shubha Mudgal. The poetry of famous medieval poets such as Rabia, Pemi, Kabir and Mirabai has been immortalized in this album (accompanied by a music video to Kabir's poem, Baagon Na Jaa) which encourages us to find spirituality within ourselves and to deter violence and discrimination.

Junoon for Peace is a music concert recorded as a response to the hate crimes against South Asian Muslims and other immigrant groups after the 9/11 attacks. The concert demonstrated that popular culture, with its broad reach, provides a powerful vehicle through which to discuss religion and culture and to encourage peaceful resolution of conflict.

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