Breakthrough’s campaign Speak Up! Act Up! aims to encourage youth to be active in their communities to bring about positive change. Simply because youth are not able to vote, doesn’t mean they can’t affect change—they are tomorrow’s change makers!

We orchestrated many public forums in New York, Houston & Chicago where:

• Powerful leaders from organizations like the ACLU, Rock the Vote and the National Immigration Forum raised their voices on serious issues.

• Youth gathered to discuss how new policies affect them and how they could get involved in the democratic process.

• Participants tackled the controversial issues like civil liberties, reproductive rights and access to education.

• Forums focused on how often-disenfranchised youth could get involved, from learning about the issues and allying with non-profit organizations to registering to vote.

• Incredible performers like slam poetry group Blackout Arts Collective; comedians like Dean Obeidallah (featured on Saturday Night Live) and dynamic dance troupes like the Mango Tribe shared their talent.

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