Women are human: biologically speaking, there's not much here to debate. But in too many homes, communities and countries worldwide, from the United States to Uganda and beyond, women are not treated as full human beings equal to men, deserving of the same dignity, respect, and opportunity. Women remain the majority of the world's poor, unhealthy, uneducated, and hungry. Even where their rights are spelled out in policy and on paper, millions of women remain second-class citizens.

Only when human rights live in every home can women, men, children, families, neighborhoods, workplaces, communities, institutions, ecosystems, and nations truly thrive.

Breakthrough works to build that world: a world in which everyone regards all others — including women — as fully human, deserving of the same rights and respect we wish for ourselves. We have built women's rights into our programs and campaigns from our founding, beginning with Mann ke Manjeeré and culminating today with the global Ring the Bell: One million men. One million promises campaign calling on men to take concrete action to challenge violence against women. We work to inspire and train the next generation of leaders for women's and human rights. Our lasting impact in this area includes more than:

  • 75,000 young people trained to be lifelong ambassadors for local and global women's and human rights through our Rights Advocates program
  • 130 million people learned how men can and must stand up against domestic violence through our Bell Bajao campaign, now going global
  • 35 million people witnessed the injustice faced by women with HIV/AIDS through our Is this Justice? and What Kind of Man Are You? campaigns
  • 7 million people saw the need to stand up for the rights of immigrant women in the U.S. through our #ImHere campaign
  • 50,000 adolescent girls came to understand their sexual health and rights through our Rights Advocates program

Join us. Together we can build a world in which all of us are safe in our homes and limitless in our ambitions.

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