Now is the time to end violence against women.

On March 8, with launch events worldwide, Breakthrough took Ring the Bell (Bell Bajao) global.

One million men. One million promises calls on men worldwide to promise to take concrete action to end violence against women.


Men and women together have responded with outrage to recent dramatic acts of violence from Delhi to Cairo to Steubenville. We know that effective laws, courts, and cops are essential -- but they are not enough. We need individual and community action to challenge the habits and norms that perpetuate violence.

Men, their allies, and their actions, can create that global tipping point, today

Together with our partners in South Africa, Brazil, Sweden, and more, we will secure one million promises to help do just that.

WATCH the leading and celebrity men who have already vowed to take action.

With men as leaders and partners, we can build a world in which women are safe -- and in which all of us live freely, fully, and without fear. 


Together we can build a safer world.

Global launch event in New York City featuring Sir Patrick Stewart:

Our Partners

In the context of this campaign, "man" (and "men") should be understood to include anyone who identifies as such, including transgender men. Also, women and people of any gender identity are encouraged and welcome to join this cause and offer a Ring the Bell promise to help end violence.  

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    Be That Guy

    Want to win a $50 Visa Gift Card just for watching?  Take our quick 30-second survey! AS SEEN IN THE GUARDIAN – AL JAZEERA AMERICA- THE GOOD MEN PROJECT That Guy–like many men–sees women as equals. But That Guy is NOT silent when men treat women otherwise.That guy stands for something better. That Guy is […]

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    Michelle Bachelet urges men to promise to help end violence against women

    Michelle Bachelet, UN Under-Secretary-General and Executive Director of UN Women, urges men to promise to help end violence against women. The former President of Chile also announces a partnership between UN Women’s Commit campaign and Ring the Bell: One million men. One million promises.


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